Vietnam, rescuing the last asiatic Black Bears

2016 on ARTE, lenght: 52 & 43 min

In Vietnam, the Asiatic black bear is subjected to great suffering to extract its bile, highly prized in traditional medicine for its supposed aphrodisiac qualities and to treat ills ranging from bruising to liver cancer. Similar active agents are present in certain plant substances, but this solution has not proved popular. The Vietnamese authorities have at last given their backing to the ANIMALS ASIA NGO, which has for years been calling for the closure of these bile farms. Trailer


Buch und Regie: Therese Engels
Redaktion: Tino Schrödl
Kamera: John Toft
Ton: Per Oesterby
Koordination Vietnam: Tuan Bendixsen, Animals Asia
Schnitt: John Toft
Produktionsleitung: Kerstin Walz 
Eine Koproduktion von arte und MedienKontor,in Zusammenarbeit mit GEO, 2016