The Last Real Iceman of the Chimborazo

2012 on 3SAT, length: 45 min

Putting aside the danger of South America´s highest volcano, the Chimborazo in Ecuador, local Indios have profited for centuries from climbing the volcano to pick ice from the glaciers and sell it to the markets in Riobamba. The Last Real Iceman of the Chimborazo follows Balthazar Ushka, 68, who continues this practice twice a week.


Buch und Regie: Therese Engels & Gernot Stadler
Kamera: Gernot Stadler
Ton: Emil Plonski
Koordination Ecuador: Robert Käser
Schnitt: Gernot Stadler
Eine Koproduktion von Gernot Stadler Filmproduktion für ORF/3 SAT 2011