The Koala Hospital

2013 on ARTE, length: 52 & 43 min

The Koalas habitat, the eucalyptus woods near the coast, has been shrinking dramatically in recent years, as a result of clearing and bushfires. Many Koalas are injured on barbed wire fences, get run over by cars, are killed by dogs or suffer from burns.
Another major problem is infectious diseases like Chlamydia, which lead to infertility and blindness.
Injured, sick or abandoned koalas from the region find temporary refuge in Australia´s first koala hospital in Port Macquarie.

Buch und Regie: Therese Engels
Redaktion: Tino Schrödl
Kamera & Foto Webseite: Erik Schimschar
Ton: Nadine Unger
Schnitt: Felix Waury
Produktionsleitung: Kerstin Walz 
Eine Koproduktion von arte und MedienKontor,in Zusammenarbeit mit GEO, 2013

Foto: © Erik Schimschar