Palawan's Pearl Empire

2012 on ARTE, length: 52 & 43 min

It shimmers warm and golden, and has a flawless surface: that's how the perfect pearl of the 'Gold-Lip' oyster, Pinctada Maxima, should look. It is worth several thousands of euros. The precious pearl is only found in one out of every 20,000 oysters.
The beauty of the pearl is what prompted the jewellery company Jewelmer to start raising these oysters in the waters around Palawan, in the Philippine archipelago years ago. Pearl farms yield several million euros per year, which can be attributed to meticulous research methods and rigid staffing policies.

Buch und Regie: Therese Engels
Redaktion: Tino Schrödl
Kamera & Foto Webseite: Patrick Brandt
Ton: Florian Illing
Koordination Philippinen: Cyril Brossard,Philip Daffon,

Inky Santiago-Nakpil
Schnitt: Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Produktionsleitung: Kerstin Walz 
Eine Koproduktion von arte und MedienKontor,in Zusammenarbeit mit GEO, 2010

Foto: © Patrick Brandt