Malaysia: Bikers, Female - Style

2017 on ARTE, length: 52 & 43 min

If you're one of the 35 members of the first all-female Ducati motorcycle club of Southeast Asia you can be both Muslim and independent, both religious and fun-loving.
It's a creed that these lovers of two wheels would like to share with other women. The Ducati – a two-wheeled speed machine – is the symbol of all they are about: ride one and you are on the road to freedom. Trailer

Buch und Regie: Therese Engels
Redaktion: Tino Schrödl
Kamera: Jörg Hammermeister
Ton: Stefan Tuchel
Koordination Malaysia: Prisca Wong
Schnitt: Nicole Fischer
Produktionsleitung:Kerstin Walz 
Eine Koproduktion von arte und MedienKontor,

in Zusammenarbeit mit GEO, 2016