Fine Cocoa from Esmeraldas

Samstag, 09. Juni 2012 um 19.30 auf ARTE 43 min

Cacao Nacional from Ecuador is also known as "Theobroma Cacao" or "food of the gods". The pods grow in the remotest regions of the country, including in small villages along the Rio Santiago and the Rio Napo.

Theobroma's distinctive flavor is valued by chocolatiers around the world. The high demand helps cocoa farmers like Lilian and Cleofe develop a new, long-term and more reliable means of subsistence.

Cocoa plantations also immensely benefit the environment: cocoa trees grow in mixed species plantations and thereby protect the rainforest. They represent an alternative to palm tree plantations that are highly destructive to the local environment.


Buch und Regie: Therese Engels
Redaktion:Viviane Schmidt-Gaster
Kamera: Oliver Gurr
Ton: Emil Plonski
Koordination Ecuador: Robert Käser
Schnitt: Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Produktionsleitung: Kerstin Walz 
Eine Koproduktion von arte und MedienKontor,in Zusammenarbeit mit GEO, 2012